A slit rewinder creating medical, disinfecting, cleaning, and industrial wipes – just a few of the canister wipe products created on the Absolut WiNDR. At a time when these supplies were in high demand, Absolut Manufacturing fast tracked the development of this essential equipment. Durable, reliable, and made in northern Wisconsin, the WiNDR can meet all your nonwoven needs.

  • WiNDR
    Winding CapacityUp to 50”
    (Up to 1270 mm)
    Perf Length Range5” – 13”
    (127 mm – 330 mm)
    Finished Roll Width4” – 50”
    (102 mm – 1270 mm)
    Finished Roll Diameter2.4” – 12”
    (61 mm – 305 mm)
    FormatFlat and V-folded
  • Complementary Equipment
    Options for automatic roll changing and auto-splice
    CalenderingOpen nip (wedge blocks)
    Closed nip (skewed rolls)
    PrintingFlexographic (up to 4 colors)
    EmbossingMatched Steel
    Web CoatingSingle-sided